Research indicates that early intervention allows for the best long term outcomes, and minimizes time lost from work, school, and sports.

A concussion is a pathological process affecting the brain, induced by a direct or indirect blow to the head. If not addressed, it can cause long-lasting residual symptoms that can greatly impact quality of life.

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Experienced and Compassionate Therapists

Our concussion rehab program is managed by highly trained physical, occupational and speech therapists who are dedicated to concussion care and minimizing recovery time. They stay informed with the latest research and use an interdisciplinary approach to manage a patient’s symptoms including dizziness, mental fogginess visual, and/ or balance issues.

Symptoms of a Concussion

Symptoms of a concussion can appear immediately or may develop over days or weeks following the head injury. Symptoms fall into these categories:

  • Physical: visual disturbances, light and noise sensitivity, headaches, dizziness, balance problems, neck pain, nausea and fatigue
  • Cognitive: mental fogginess, difficulty concentrating, delayed processing
  • Emotional: irritability, sadness, nervousness, anxiety, labiality
  • Sleep: drowsiness, altered sleep patterns
  • Autonomic/ Cardiovascular: this can lead to symptoms of lightheadedness with positional changes symptoms with exertion.


Thorough Assessment & Personalized Treatment

We conduct a multisystem evaluation resulting in an individualized treatment plan for concussion recovery.

  • Oculomotor System: Testing and retraining coordinated eye movements like scanning, convergence/divergence, accommodation, and saccades. This allows the ability to read, use a computer, drive, and return to sports.
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation: Assessment and treatment of dizziness, vertigo and motion sensitivity including BPPV
  • Balance Function: Assessment and treatment of balance responses including use of NeuroCom Balance Master
  • Cognitive: Assessment and treatment of memory, attention, processing speed, articulation & comprehension, including Attention Process Training (APT)
  • Musculoskeletal System: Evaluation and treatment of the neck as well as overall muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination
  • Return to Sport: The Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test is administered to determine safe physical activity and exercise parameters, when appropriate
  • Return to School or Work: Therapists support in your transition back to work or school


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