Frequently Asked Questions about Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

What is acute inpatient rehab?

Acute rehab is an intensive form of therapeutic intervention started soon after an illness, injury, or surgery. The rehabilitation program helps stabilize patients, regain function, and prepare them to leave the hospital and return home. Acute rehab typically takes place in a hospital setting.

How is acute inpatient rehab different than outpatient therapy?

Acute rehab involves at least 3 hours of therapy daily for 5-7 days a week and is much more intensive than outpatient care. It also utilizes a multidisciplinary team including doctors, nurses, social workers, and physical therapists to provide 24/7 specialized care and assist with the discharge planning process from day of admission.

What types of conditions are treated?

Common conditions treated in acute inpatient rehab include strokes, brain/spinal cord injuries, amputations, neurological disorders, major trauma, burns, and post-surgical recovery such as after joint replacements, fractures, and cardiac surgery.

What can I expect during my acute inpatient rehab stay?

You can expect to receive physical, occupational, and speech therapy focused on improving disability and regaining function. Your days will be structured with therapy sessions, medical management, and nursing care. Family and social work services are also available. The team will assist with scheduling any follow up appointments that were ordered by the discharging hospital/physicians and be in communication with you regarding the same.

How long will I be in acute inpatient rehab?

The average acute rehab stay is 2-3 weeks, but this varies based on your needs and treatment plan. More complex cases with greater disability may have longer stays. Your team will let you know what to expect.

What happens after acute inpatient rehab?

Most patients are discharged to either an outpatient or sub-acute rehab facility to continue recovering. Home health services may also be prescribed if you qualify and meet the requirements of being homebound. Your team will help arrange the appropriate next level of care based on your progress.

How can my family be involved?

Family participation is encouraged through education, training, scheduled appointments as part of the patient therapy sessions, and discussions with your care team so they can meet your needs at home. Accommodation can be made for family members to stay overnight if needed.

Will my insurance cover acute inpatient rehab?

Most insurance plans cover acute rehab provided criteria such as the medical necessity of skilled nursing and an intensive level of therapy are met. Our rehab specialists will verify your benefits and obtain any prior authorizations needed from your insurance provider. Depending on your insurance provider, the clinical team will provide updates on your status and progress to them, throughout your episode of care. We will work with you and the insurance companies through the discharge planning process.

What should I wear?

Loose and comfortable clothing – we would prefer to have patients dressed to be taken down to the gym areas. Sneakers are usually a good choice as well for when you are ready to start ambulating with shoes.

How do I order additional equipment I might need for home?

The patient and therapist will meet prior to being discharged and to discuss any equipment needs you might have (walkers, wheelchairs, commodes, shower chairs etc.) The therapist will order the equipment through a portal that we utilize, which will determine if insurance covers it. In most cases, the equipment is delivered either to your home or to the facility on the day of Discharge.

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